Iranpay card looks like a credit or debit card, with a card number, chip, pin and signature strip. But unlike credit and debit cards, an Iranpay prepaid card doesn’t provide a source of credit, or is linked to a bank account. So it helps you spend only the amount you have chosen to load but has some of the same great facilities such as faster payments in and out – helping you to stay in complete control and travel safe with confidence.
Yes, all primary cardholders must be at least 13 years of age.
The Iranpay account and prepaid card is provided by Iranpay Ltd. The card is issued by SAMAN BANK which is recognized by Central bank of Iran.
It’s depend on the way you’ve chosen .If you want to receive it in your address , Your card should arrive within 5-7 days of you completing your sign up on Iranpay.com . We always try to get your card to you as quickly as possible. If you want to receive it at Airport, on your arrival, your card will be there and you can receive it from our agent.
Although you can have many additional cards we recommend you only keep one card per person during your trip. All cards are independent and you should apply individually for each card.
You can access your personal account online where you can manage your money and your account facilities.
To log in, simply click the ‘Login’ button at the top of the Iranpay website and enter your email address and password you set up, then follow the steps. (Note: you can change this password once you have logged in by clicking settings on the menu.)
Once you have logged into your online account you will be able to:
Reload your card
Make payments in and move money from your account (full limit only)
Request for statement
Manage your services
Book daily special offers.


Enjoy travelling and don’t worry for any fees or charge. There is not any fee or charge while you are withdrawing money from ATM or purchasing in the shops and street even online shopping, this is the most important features of your Iranpay card. The only fee you’ll pay is currency exchanges fee and card issuance fee which you’ll pay it once when you are ordering your card or reloading it.
No. You can cancel your account and request your balance to be transferred to a bank account at any point. But remember, currency exchange fee and card issuance fee is nonrefundable.
No. There are no charges if you do not use your account.
No, the Iranpay is a prepaid card and not linked to a current account. It is also subject to e-money regulations. Therefore interest is not paid.

Your PIN

Before using your Iranpay card you must first obtain your PIN. Your PIN number is unique to you and must be kept safe. To get your PIN simply log in to your Iranpay account and click on the ‘PIN Setting’ link. This will give you your unique PIN which can be used straight away to make purchases and ATM withdrawals.
The second pin only use for online purchase. While you are selecting your PIN, on the next step we’ll ask you to choose you second PIN. You can also receive your pin details by sending “PIN” to our SMS center while you received to Iran and activated your cellular sim.
You can change your PIN at SAMAN BANK ATMs in Iran .by inserting your Iranpay Card and following the on-screen instructions.
What you need is inserting your sim on your cellphone, while you arrived to Iran and use it. It’s already been activated.

how can i

We have made it easy for you to pay in to your Iranpay account. You should login to your account and go to reload section, then enter the amount and pay Online by your debit/credit card or pay offline to our bank account in 24 hours after submiting your order and let us know
To reload or paying in using your debit card simply click the ‘reload button once you have logged into your online account. You will be asked for the details of the debit card you wish to use so please ensure that you have this to hand. When paying in by debit card the name on the card must match that of the Iranpay cardholder.
You can pay in up to $30,000 in a 12 month period and the maximum balance you can have on your card at any one time is $5,000. The minimum payment amount for these methods is $100.00.
When making a payment offline , your funds are available in 24 hours . When using your debit card it takes up to 48 hours
The maximum amount you may withdraw per day from cash machines in Iran is $50.
No. You can only use a cash machine to withdraw cash from your Iranpay account.
Like credit or debit card, your Iranpay card can be used to buy goods and services. You can use your Iranpay card almost everywhere in Iran. As a ‘Chip & PIN’ card you will simply need to enter your PIN number into the terminal.
A pending transaction is simply a transaction that is waiting to be applied to your account. You do not have to do anything as a pending transaction is simply part of the process by which a purchase is charged to your Iranpay account. If your purchase was unsuccessful and your Iranpay account was charged, don’t worry. It will refund automatically to your account less than 48 hours. If your unsuccessful transaction hasn’t refund to your account within 48 hours, please contact us.
No. You can only use a cash machine to withdraw cash from your Iranpay account.
Like credit or debit card, your Iranpay card can be used to buy goods and services. You can use your Iranpay card almost everywhere in Iran. As a ‘Chip & PIN’ card you will simply need to enter your PIN number into the terminal.
Transactions may be declined if the merchant cannot verify that there are enough funds in your account to cover the value of the purchase you are making, including any applicable charges.
Can I use my Iranpay account to guarantee payments or make reservations? If you are using your Iranpay card for car hire, hotel reservations and general bookings, or to guarantee a payment, the funds on your card will be pre-authorized and blocked for payment of the services that you request.
As the most usage of Iranpay card is for the traveler who are visiting Iran as a temporary visit, cash back service is not suitable for these customers.
To make a wonderful travel and memory for you, we’ll notify you our daily special offers around you. What you need is downloading our app or checking your profile daily.
We’ll inform you daily special offers via email and text message. To get better result we need to know more about your itinerary which you can specify it here.

Account Security

As a responsible e-money issuer, Iranpay Limited ensures that once it has received your funds they are deposited in a secure account, specifically for the purpose of redeeming transactions made through Iranpay.
In the unlikely event that Iranpay LTD becomes insolvent, funds that you have paid in, which have arrived and been deposited with Iranpay are protected against the claims made by creditors.
Phishing is a way of attempting to acquire sensitive information. We will never send an email to a cardholder requesting security or any other confidential information about their Iranpay Prepaid Card. If you receive an email claiming to be from Iranpay Ltd or SAMAN BANK with a link to what appears to be the Iranpay or SAMAN BANK website, do not enter your personal or Iranpay details. Never reply to any such emails or disclose any personal information on such websites. If you think you have received a fraudulent email, please forward the entire email including the header and footer to prepaid@iranpay.com
As soon as you realise your card is lost or stolen login to your Iranpay profile and submit a lost request or call us on 020336082669 and we will block your Iranpay card. After you have blocked it, we will issue you with a new Iranpay card. Alternatively you can email us to prepaid@iranpay.com


When you log in online you will be able to manage your main card in full, from loading and moving money, managing and setting your alerts, to reviewing your statements. Everything you need to make the most of your Card can be found once you login and if you ever need any further help you can send email to prepaid@iranpay.com
You can check your balance at any ATM machines in IRAN. Furthermore while you activate your 4G cellular, SMS services for your card will automatically run and you’ll receive a text message after each transaction including your purchase details and balance.
To reset your password simply log in to your online account. In the ‘Settings’ you will see the simple instructions to changing your password.
Simply click on the ‘Forgotten Password’ link when you are logging in and you will be provided with the information you need to reset your password.
If you want to change your address or name you will need to email our customer services team on the details below. To change your address or name, you will need to provide proof of new address or name.For other changes, please log in to the website where you will be instructed on how to make changes.
Each statement will send to your mobile by text message. you can also request a full statment by sending email to prepaid@iranpay.com
To close your account and cancel your card you will need to email us. There is no charge for closing your account or redeeming your balance if you have one. Alternatively, you can withdraw cash from an ATM. (currency exchange fee and card issuance fee is non refundable)
Your Iranpay card will expire 24 months from the card opening date and the ‘Valid to’ date is shown on your card. We will automatically issue you with a new card (Full Limit Account Holders Only). If you have not used your card recently we may contact you before to check whether you would like to receive a new card.